3rd Grade Miami Conservatory Field Trips

3rd Grade Miami Conservatory Field Trips

   Third grade students from Riverview Elementary are among the first third graders in the District to take part in the Miami Hamilton Conservatory field trip. This trip is a continuation of the Wisconsin Fast Plant project that is being conducted in 3rd grade classrooms at all Hamilton City School District elementary buildings.

    The Wisconsin Fast Plant program uses Brassica rapa plants that have been modified through selective breeding to complete a 44 day life cycle. The speed of this species life cycle allows our 3rd grade students to experiment with the plant in order to learn the concepts of heredity, plant characteristics, and life cycles through hands-on, open-ended inquiry.

    Upon completion of the 44 day classroom experiment, third grade students embark on a field  trip to the Miami Hamilton Conservatory where they are instructed by Miami Botany professors Dr. Dan Gladish and Dr. Dick Munson in the areas of exotic plant traits, field observation, and flower characteristics. In the photos, Riverview students can be seen working with Dr. Gladish and Dr. Munson as they document the characteristics of exotic plants in the Miami Conservatory and perform a flower dissection in the University’s botany lab.

     This field trip to Miami Hamilton is one example of a collaboration between the Hamilton City School District and Miami University that exposes students to new experiences and resources that can help get students get excited about science. This collaboration also demonstrates the types of learning environments that can be provided for students when a community comes together to help children learn.

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