A Look Back at the Fine Arts Department’s 2nd Quarter

The 2nd Quarter of the 2014-2105 proved to be full of activity in the Hamilton City Schools Fine Arts classes. Our schools boasted fabulous art displays full of student work and our auditoriums rang with musical performances, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The learning happening in the classroom was also quite remarkable. Did you know that what our students learn in music and art support and reinforce skills necessary for math and reading?

The math:art relationship is found in creating patterns, dividing the art canvas, drawing shapes, working with proportions,  tessellations, translations, reflections and so much more.  In music, math is reinforced while performing rhythms, learning about the overtone series, finding patterns in the form of a musical selection, using math connections to interpret all that is happening at any given moment, and dividing music into measures to name a few.

The reading connection in music not only includes the actual reading  of the music notation, but also developing fluency in reading words by reading and singing songs over and over, predicting what will happen next in a story song, learning the robust vocabulary often found in the text of a song, experiencing colloquialisms, reading poetry, learning the Italian terminology of music,  and so much more.  Reading is also used when learning about artists, composers, styles etc.

The following is a list of some of what the casual observer might have seen and heard in the past 9 weeks as a result of all of the above learning.

  • First Grade art students at Ridgeway and Hamilton High (Mrs. Terry Toney and Mrs. Megan Bell) collaborated in a project in which the 1st graders designed a creature by drawing and the high school ceramic student created it out of clay.
  • A stellar production of “Little Women” by are high school drama department, under the direction of Miss Meg Haven.
  • Our high school band received an “Excellent” rating at OMEA state competition under the direction of Mr. Paul Dixon, Mr. Pat Naylor, Miss Rachel Harney, Mr. Bob Saurber, Mr. Nick Bellmeyer, and Miss Tori Angel.
  • Students at many of our schools participated in a salute to our country’s veterans in Veterans Day programs and activities.
  • Five of our high school art students were selected to show their work at the Xavier Art Show.
  • Ridgeway art students used their art skills to raise money for the hungry in their Empty Bowls event.
  • Student artwork was displayed at all schools.
  • Music students performed at  community events such as parades, tree lightings, meetings, nursing homes, and more.
  • And in this quarter, nearly 30 concerts were presented.