Eighth Grade Soap Sculptures on Display at Ice Fest

Eighth grade students at Garfield and Wilson participated in a soap carving contest in conjunction with Hamilton’s Ice Fest, which will take place January 16th and 17th in Downtown Hamilton. Art teachers, Shannon Frey and Lisa Walle selected the top 20 sculptures from each school to display.  These sculptures may be seen in the U.S. Bank window on High Street.

An Award Ceremony will be held in the Courthouse Gazebo on Saturday, January 17 at noon to honor the winners of the county-wide contest.

The winners of the Butler County-Wide Contest:

Disney Classics

1. Olivia Hudgins  (Thumper)- Garfield

2. Marissa Sloan (Mike Wazowski) – Garfield

3. Kiera Dieng (Mickey Mouse) – Garfield

Action Heroes

1. Sean King (Batman) – Garfield

2. Julianna Kuertz (Spiderman) – St. Joseph

3. Tyrone Soure (Flash) – Garfield

Cartoon Characters

1. Jason Winkler (SpongeBob) – Wilson

2. Shelby Hatfield (TMNT) – Garfield

3. Lezly Castillo (Toad) – Garfield