HHS’s NJROTC Unit Earns Fourth Place

On Saturday, 24 January, Hamilton High School’s NJROTC Unit earned an overall Fourth Place competing against 13 NJROTC units from Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan in the Mid-Ohio Drill Championships at Grove City High School.

Our NJROTC Unit earned First Place finishes in Athletics and Un-Armed Regulation Drill, a Second Place finish in the Unit Personnel Inspection, Third Place finishes in both Armed and Un-Armed Exhibition Drill, a Third Place tie in Academics and Fourth Place finish in Armed Regulation Drill and Air Rifle Marksmanship.

There was a five way tie for first place in individual athletics.  Utilizing the standards of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness, all five earned perfect scores; three are from Hamilton; Elizabeth Hoelle, Kenneth Wombles and Eryc Miller.  In the Drill Knockout Competition, Eryc Miller earned 6th Place in Un-Armed Knockout, while Gage Mann earned 5th Place and Noah Whitt earned 9th Place in Armed Knockout.  Additionally, after watching his primary competition earn 139 points out of 140 in the Solo Armed Exhibition Drill, Junior Noah Whitt stuck his routine with a perfect 140.  His score sheet just said “Flawless”.