Successful First Days of Testing

The first two days of state testing have been extremely smooth for students in grades 4 – 9.  On Monday and Tuesday, students in grades 4 – 6 took the first two parts of the new English/Language Arts test. Overall the students felt good about the experience and generally liked how each unit was much shorter than the old OAA reading test.  The nice part about the new assessments is that students can take them in a short window of time and then still have the majority of their day to engage in regular academic activities. On Wednesday students in grades 4 – 6 will finish the final unit of the English/Language Arts test, and will then take a break until next week when they will take their math test.

In grades 7 – 9, students engaged in online testing for the first time with the new state tests on Tuesday.  In this single day over 2,000 students took the first unit of the English Language Arts test, and the technology could not have worked better.  Besides a few minor bumps in the morning sessions, everything worked as planned, and the students did a fantastic job navigating the online platform and reported liking using technology to take the test.

As a District we could not be more proud of the effort our students put into the testing sessions these past few days, and we look forward to a successful conclusion of the first testing window over the coming days.  Your child’s teachers and building staff members have worked extremely hard to make this a good experience and to prepare your child to be successful.  We think everyone’s efforts are cause to celebrate and another reason to be #hamiltonproud!