Summer OGT Opportunity

The district is offering an opportunity for Hamilton High School students to take the OGT again this summer during the week of June 22 – 26, and is deferring the cost of the OGT preparation courses necessary in order to qualify to take the OGT in the summer.

Before taking a summer OGT test, a student must participate in at least 10 hours of coursework in the tested subject.  This coursework can be completed through Hamilton’s online OGT preparation courses, and work can either be completed at home or during summer school hours at Hamilton High.  Only students who have taken the OGT at least once and do not have a passing score(s) are eligible.

Students who sign up, complete at least 10 hours in the prep course, and participate in the OGT will have the course fee waived.  Failure to follow through with course hours completion and/or participation in the OGT will result in a $100 fee being assessed to the student fees.
To participate, please come and register in the CTE building at Hamilton High School between 8AM and 11:30AM by Monday, June 8th.

OGT Schedule (Participation requires prior registration)

Monday 6/22 – Reading

Tuesday 6/23 – Math

Wednesday 6/24 – Writing

Thursday 6/25 – Science

Friday 6/26 – Social Studies