GLOW – Girls Leading Our World

A non-traditional support group for sophomore Career Tech girls was formed this year at Hamilton High School. Zellene Miller, Coordinator of Career Development, and Gene Hutzelman, Assistant Principal of Career Tech, initiated the group to encourage and support girls as non-traditional students in Carpentry, Automotives, Engineering, and Information Technology. They named the group “GLOW” which stands for: Girls Leading Our World!
Carol Morman, an Engineer from Cincinnati State, came to speak to the group, as well as two women from the construction field, Vickie Aspinwall and Kourtnie Daugherty, from Messer Construction. All three individuals shared their successes and challenges they have experienced working in non-traditional roles.
The goal for the 2016-17 school year and beyond will be to expand the support group to include more non-traditional students, with the intent of encouraging the students to succeed in their programs.