HHS Big Blue Company Presents “The Family Man” and “When I Snap My Fingers”

Hamilton High School’s Drama Department, Big Blue Company, will present two light-hearted comedies on May 13, 14 and 15. Tickets are $10.00. Reserved seats may be purchased on line. Tickets will also be available at the door.

Click here to reserve and purchase seats for Friday, May 13 @ 7 pm

Click here to reserve and purchase seats for Saturday, May 14 @ 7 pm

Click here to reserve and purchase seats for Sunday, May 15 @ 2 pm

“The Family Man”  an uproarious comedy in two acts

When Bill Cahill breaks his leg, he and his wife swap their roles in order to save the family’s finances. They both find that they excel in their new roles. But when Bill enters a “Homemaker of the Year” contest under Ellen’s name and Ellen brings her new boss home unexpectedly, things start to get tense. Will their happiness in the gender-reversed roles be enough to see them through or will bill’s broken leg break the family as well?

“When I Snap My Fingers” presented by the Freshman, a comedy in one act before “The Family Man”

Simon and Maria Moffatt take part in a hypnotist’s stage show. When a fire alarm goes off during the show, Simon and Maria are forced to flee before the hypnotic trigger words can be removed. The following day, Simon’s new boss comes over for dinner. Hilarity ensues when Simon and Maria find themselves still reacting, in hilarious ways, to trigger words.

Family Man #2