Congratulations to Hamilton High School students who are enlisting in the United States Armed Forces. We commend them and thank them for serving our country.

US Army: Ryan Combs, Logan Gebhart, Michael Guel, and Liam Turman.

US Army National Guard: Jose Hernandez, Brandon KcKinney, Andres Reyes, Dezhane Rodriguez, Alberto Zapata, and John Zapata.

US Army Reserve: Devin Jones and Kenneth Wombles.

US Marine Corps: Zachary McQuinn, Jacob Ruhl, and Noah Whitt.

US Navy: Zach Coons, Ashly Cruz, Rachel Goode, Lidia Guerrero-Perez, Carol Hill, Jr., Jessica Kehling, Mickaylla Krehbiel, Evan Lee, Justin Morris, Rosa Ramirez, Greyson Sanborn, Brent Sexton, Zach Southerland, and Sean Whitt.