Proud HHS Students Enlist in Armed Forces

Congratulations to Hamilton High School students who are enlisting in the United States Armed Forces. We commend them and thank them for serving our country.

US Army: Ryan Combs, Logan Gebhart, Michael Guel, and Liam Turman.

US Army National Guard: Jose Hernandez, Brandon KcKinney, Andres Reyes, Dezhane Rodriguez, Alberto Zapata, and John Zapata.

US Army Reserve: Devin Jones and Kenneth Wombles.

US Marine Corps: Zachary McQuinn, Jacob Ruhl, and Noah Whitt.

US Navy: Zach Coons, Ashly Cruz, Rachel Goode, Lidia Guerrero-Perez, Carol Hill, Jr., Jessica Kehling, Mickaylla Krehbiel, Evan Lee, Justin Morris, Rosa Ramirez, Greyson Sanborn, Brent Sexton, Zach Southerland, and Sean Whitt.