HHS Teacher Academy Students Start Working

Hamilton High School’s 2016-2017 Teacher Academy students joined the ranks of pre-service teachers as they headed to Riverview Elementary school for their first internship experience. These students, in year two of the program, will be working a few days a week at Riverview until the middle of September.

While at Riverview, TA students work closely with teachers and assist them with a variety of instructional tasks. “These internship experiences are a great opportunity for our students to get into classrooms and learn about the art and science of teaching,” stated Michael Neri, who facilitates the TA Program at HHS.

The students get a chance to develop professional relationships with a number of HCSD staff members as part of the program, which aids them in their quest to become a teacher upon graduation from high school. HCSD is home to many amazing staff members, teachers, and students and the multiple perspectives and experiences Teacher Academy students get while in the program is essential for their growth.