2nd Annual Cardboard City at HHS

Cardboard City is an event that brings awareness to homelessness in our community. It is as it sounds… It is a community made of Cardboard. On November 22nd , during National Homeless and Hunger Awareness Week, Hamilton High students will walk in the shoes of a person who is homeless. Students will arrive at HHS, with only the needed possessions. Students will build a community in the courtyard of the high school with their boxes, participate in a soup kitchen, reflect on their feelings and understanding of what it is like to live homeless, come up with ways they can help their community, and for just one night, students will sleep in their box.
Last year 33 students participated who all gained a new respect, and new insight as to what it is like to live homeless. The project earned almost $5000 and helped our community directly with food, clothes, and school supplies. As of last year we had 527 students who identified as being homeless. This project is bringing awareness to an issue that hits close to home for many of these students, and it is raising funds to help them.