HHS AP Art Students Visited by Professional Artist

Mrs. Missy Dornan’s AP Art students were visited by Cincinnati ceramic artist, Brenda Tarbell.  Mrs. Tarbell shared with the students her inspiration through nature and how it influences her ceramic works. The students watched in awe as she demonstrated several of her techniques as she worked with porcelain clay.

This visit  was part of a partnership with the Artists Reaching Classrooms (ARC) program through the Cincinnati Taft Museum.  The ARC program immerses high school art students in Cincinnati’s visual arts community and exposes them to careers in the arts with

  • Interaction with professional artists
  • Visits to artists’ studios
  • Examination of the relationship among artists, art, and society
  • Assessment of their own art in light of working artists’ methods and techniques
  • Exploration of the Taft Museum of Art as a resource for artists
  • Participation in a professionally organized art exhibition

Below are a few photos of Mrs. Tarbell’s iconic pieces. The last photo is of an installation at the Cincinnati Convention Center,  titled Buds, Blossoms, Branches, Boughs.


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