City-Wide 6th Grade Spelling Bee

The 39th Annual Dole-Burkhardt Spelling Bee at Bridgeport Elementary on Tuesday, February 7 was an amazing night for some Hamilton students.  The bee was one of the most competitive bees in recent years and lasted over 25 rounds.  The students lasted through the tension and slowly but surely only three were left standing– Spencer Blauvelt of St. Peter in Chains, Allison Flaherty of Bridgeport and Elijah Cook of Ridgeway.  These top students took  $200, $150 and $100 dollar prizes awarded by the KIWANI’S Club of Lindenwald.  As Elijah confidently spelled “S-A-U-E-R-K-R-A-U-T”, he became the 39th Annual KIWANI’s champion.


David Schul and Dave Smith of the KIWANI’S presented the checks to the champions.  It was a fierce competition and took a valiant effort on the part of all the students.  A special thanks to the Kiwani’s of Lindenwald, the student champions and runners up as well as the parents and teachers for their efforts in the events.

This year’s participants included Allison Flaherty of Bridgeport, Morgan Buddo of Brookwood, Maria Pool Davalos of Crawford Woods, Heaven Hernandez of Fairwood, Will Bray of Highland, Noah Prewitt of Immanuel Lutheran, Morgan Rinck of Linden, Elijah Cook of Ridgeway, Ariana Ashby of Riverview, Emma Prough of St. Joe’s and Spencer Blauvelt of St. Peter in Chains.