HHS Top 20 Seniors Earn $3 Million in Scholarships!

Congratulations to Hamilton High School’s Top 20 students from the Class of 2017. Together, they have earned $3 million in college scholarships and grants!  The total scholarships and grants for the Class of 2017 to date has reached $9.6 million.

The Top 20 are, in order: Deanna McPeek, Erika Stauble, Chloe Cummins, Emmalee Bane, Megan Burtis, Peyton Hyde, Molly Snyder, Brittany Thomas, Tarin Lauer, Elise Hill, Megan Mills, Catherine Vieira, Angelica Robert, Julie Wirtz, Taylor Grabel, Abigail Gentry, Hannah Breedlove, Sarah Hughes, Kendra Hatfield, and Rebecca Lahrmann.

Good Luck on your future endeavors!