District’s Auditioned Music Groups Prepare For Another Great Year

Some of Hamilton City School District’s finest music groups have been hard at work over the summer to prepare for the 2017-2018 school year. These groups have held camp weeks with up to 12 hours of intense rehearsal time per day.  All of these groups are co-curricular or extra curricular groups giving the participants an opportunity to take their in-class learning to the next level.  Throughout the school year, these groups rehearse anywhere from 1-12 hours per week.

The Hamilton High Marching Band completed 2 weeks of Band Camp, focusing on fundamentals of marching and posture consistent with the drum corps style of marching, learning music, and getting a good portion of the band’s competition show’s drill on the field. This years show is titled, “Shine Bright”.  Band Director, Mr. Paul Dixon is enthusiastic about the amount of growth he has seen so far.



Hamilton High’s Rhapsody in Blue show choir and middle school, Cutting Edge show choir each spent a week of intense rehearsals during their 1 week of camp. They were busy learning songs, and choreography for their competition shows. Even though their competition season does not begin until January, the work they do in the summer is crucial.

Rhapsody in Blue meets as a class each day at Hamilton High but having a longer rehearsals during camp, helps to get a lot of choreography learned so that the fine tuning can take place during the year. This also allows the group to work on music for concerts and other shows throughout the year during class. Rhapsody in Blue‘s director, Mrs. Christina Fox is very pleased with the vocal sound the group is already producing.

With many of its students new to the show choir scene, a lot of Cutting Edge‘s camp time is spent on singing and dancing fundamentals, which greatly helps with the weekly rehearsals during the school year. Cutting Edge is directed by our two middle school choir directors, Mr. Matthew Baker and Mr. Samuel Downs.

While our electric strings groups do not compete, they take their preparation just as seriously.  The groups, which play pop/rock music on amplified violins, violas, and cellos, guitars, basses, and drum set, each spent their camp week perfecting the music which must be memorized so they can add choreography. Live Wire!, the high school electric strings group, is directed by Mr. Matthew Pfeuffer and Mr. Matthew Kirkendall, who teach strings at Hamilton High School and Hamilton Freshman School. This year’s music  has a theme of “British Invasion” for the upcoming year, with songs such as “Live and Let Die” and “Under Pressure”.

String Fusion, the middle school electric strings group, is under the direction of Mrs. Pamela Carroll and Miss Maureen Driscoll, who teach strings at Garfield and Wilson Middle Schools.  Their music includes “Carry On Wayward Son”, “Canon Rock”, and more.