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Out of 2,900 Year 3 Resident Educators in the STATE of Ohio, five Hamilton City School District teachers scored in the the TOP 100!!!

The amount of time, effort, focus, tears, encouragement, and pure determination it took to complete this massive undertaking cannot be measured. The Year 3 Assessment requires each educator to complete 4 tasks which include teaching 2 lessons that are recorded on video, extensive reflection and evidence collection to answer and prove why each resident educator is doing what they are doing. They must create an assessment around a learning target and provide the data to prove that their students are growing. Finally, the Year 3 RE is required to provide multiple pieces of evidence that proves they engaged in a two way parent/teacher communications that impacted and changed that students’ achievement.

Congratulations Teachers! From Left to Right: Sandi Roberts, Crawford Woods Elementary; Casey Blanton, Linden Elementary; Tara Strong, Riverview Elementary; Alyssa Montgomery, Riverview Elementary; and Cassie Davis, Riverview Elementary.

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