Fine Arts Update: May 14, 2018

Bridgeport Holds Art Show

Nearly 700 works of art were on display at Bridgeport Elementary School’s 2nd Annual Art Show. Those in attendance had the opportunity to view art work of students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. There were opportunities to create art in the cafeteria as well as a student lead art auction. The funds raised benefited the Caring Closet. The pictures below are a small sample of the art displayed.

New Student-Created Tactile Art Installation Debuts at Art Show

Bridgeport Elementary has a new art installation – a Tactile Mural recreation of Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, with a slight Hamilton twist.

Art Teacher, Miss Abby Jackson, said “This project was inspired by Taylor Marcum, a fourth grade student with a visual impairment, who was sad that she could not see or feel her classmates artwork in the glass display case. We decided to create a tactile mural that would become a permanent part of Bridgeport for all of our students, including the visually impaired to enjoy. We chose Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh because it is an iconic painting that is recognizable by many students, and it suited the texture we were hoping to achieve.”

This project, which is made of crayons, straw, marker caps, bottle caps, yarn, puzzle pieces and more was completed over three month timespan by a small group of students, which included Taylor Marcum, Jeffery Howard, Damian Nowlin, Keira Prater-Steele, and Aiden Platt. The students chose many of the materials that were used, and collaborated together to complete this mural.

Pictured: Artists, Keira Prater-Steele; Jeffrey Howard; Damian Nowlin.                                                          Artist, Aiden Platt as Vincent Van Gogh

Garfield Choir Concludes District’s Concert Season

Each school year, the students of Hamilton City School District present between 50-100 performances.  These performances include concerts, plays, musicals, half-time shows, parades, performances for school and community events, competitions.

The Garfield Choir had the honor of holding the final concert of the year last week. Choir director, Matthew Baker led his 7th and 8th grade choirs in songs from “The Greatest Showman”, “Moana”, “Lilo and Stitch”, and more as the students in the group displayed their skills in singing and even ukulele.


Best Wishes to Accompanist

We have been very fortunate to have Mrs. Sarah Brown as one of our accompanists since 2015. She has worked with the middle school choirs and the elementary Young Musicians Club. We wish her well as she takes some time off to devote all her attention to her family. We also wish her well on the upcoming birth of her 3rd child.

Sarah Brown, Accompanist


Linden Choir Rated Superior

Congratulations to Linden Music Teacher, Ms. Theresa Young and her Linden Choir on their Superior (I) Rating at the Music In The Parks Contest.  The dedicated students in this choir rehearse before the school day begins.


Garfield Art Show, May 15, 2018

On May 15th, the artwork of Garfield’s Art 1 students will be on display at the Garfield Art Show to be held in conjunction with the Eighth Grade Recognition. For a digital version of the Art Show, visit the art gallery at: