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Hamilton High School’s Junior State of America (JSA) chapter had the opportunity to attend Fall State, one of the three major conventions that the Ohio River Valley (ORV) -OH, IN, KY, TN, and WV – hosts. During conventions, students across the ORV have the opportunity to debate, sophisticatedly share their opinions, and overall bond with people of all types of backgrounds — politically and socially. JSA is student-RUN, not student-lead, so everything that happens in JSA is a product from the students themselves.

Last year, which was Hamilton High School’s second year of JSA, our chapter won Chapter of the Year in the Ohio River Valley and 2nd place nationwide for the National Civic Impact Award!

This year, 23 Fall State attendees from Hamilton High School (13 of them being first-timers) participated in the convention.  Out of 23 students from HHS, 4 serve on the ORV Cabinet, which is the administrative body of JSA:

Elias Tzoc serves as Director of Debate
Darshi Ambani serves as Director of Media and as the Secretary for HHS’s chapter
Katlin Combs serves as a Media Specialist
Ashley Schappacher serves as a Fundraising Specialist and the VP for HHS’s chapter.

These four people, along with the rest of the ORV Cabinet, have been spending the last couple months diligently and carefully planning out every single detail of Fall State!

Additionally, Hamilton is thankful to receive many awards during this convention:

Elias Tzoc won Best Speaker for his debate about term limits for Senators and Representatives.
Daniel Sutton won Best Novice Moderator.
Darshi Ambani won Best Veteran Moderator.
Delany Kirby won a $1250 scholarship to attend JSA Summer School. In JSA Summer School, students have the opportunity to take rigorous college classes at the most prestigious universities in the country, such as Princeton, Stanford, and Georgetown!

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