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Calamity Information

Emergency School Closing Plans

School closings will be announced on radio and television stations, the district web site at hamiltoncityschools.com and TvHAMILTON (channel 24). Additional announcements on 1450 The Ticket (WMOH) radio may be made DURING the school day in the event of sudden emergency closings for an individual school or schools.

  • School Open – NO transportation
  • One (1) Hour Delay – All classes will be in session
  • Two (2) Hour Delay – All classes will be in session except a preschool and a HASP
  • School Closed – Head Custodians / Maintenance Staff Report
  • School Closed – All staff report
  • School Closed – No staff report

Emergency Plan for the Closing of the School

The closing of the schools will be announced on the radio and television, on the website of the school district hamiltoncityschools.com and TvHAMTLTON (channel 24). Additional announcements During the day on the 1450 radio The Ticket (WMOH) in case of an unexpected emergency in which you have to close a particular school or all schools.

  • The School is open – The School is open – No transport
  • One (1) One hour late – All classes will be in session
  • Two (2) Two hours late – All classes will be in session except preschool in the morning (am). And the morning HOPE Program (am)
  • The school is Closed – Responsible for cleaning / Maintenance staff. You have to report
  • School is Closed – All Staff must report
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