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The Hamilton City School District (HCSD) is required by state and federal law to assess all students who come from homes where a language other than English is spoken.  This includes students who have been born in the United States but speak another language at home.   The Hamilton City School District Student Registration Form (Español) includes a Home Language Survey.   If it is indicated that another language is spoken in the home, the building secretary / clerk will forward the student’s registration to the building ESL Teacher to evaluate the students English Language Proficiency. Hamilton City Schools uses the IPT Language Proficiency Test to identify English language learners and to help the student’s teachers and parents understand how much English students know and how we can best help them.  When the test is completed and reviewed, students who are not fluent in English are placed in the ESL program according to their language needs.  Parents have the right to refuse ESL service for their child, but once a student is identified, they are required to take the Ohio’s English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA) annually until they meet the criteria to exit the ESL Program.