GMS Picture Day Coming This Friday!

Friday, September 2nd will be Garfield Picture Day!  Begin planning your 'fit, and cut now.  For inquiries about photography options  go to and browse to the "help" page. Place your order: 1. Go to 2. Enter the GMS Picture Day ID: JC506054Q0 3. Choose the sizes and quantities you want. 4. Pay for [...]

Career Inspiration

  Students in Ms. Jessie Perry's ELA class were afforded the opportunity to hear from John Newton this week, a combat engineer in the U.S. Army.  John will be stationed in Oahu, Hawaii for the next three years. He talked about what his job consisted of, why he joined the army, the enlisting process, and [...]

Getting Bubbly in Science Class

  Students are in full Scientific Mode in Mrs. Oakes 8th grade Science class here at Garfield.  Students were challenged to test and observe their predictions concerning "which soap creates the biggest bubbles?" Students applied their knowledge of the scientific method and metric unit and came up with some convincing conclusions!