Extended Learning Time

Selected students who have been identified as at-risk for failing the school year have been invited to participate in Garfield’s Extended Learning Tims (ELT).  The program begins Tuesday, January 31.

In the past, summer school has cost up to $100 for each course and is at the expense of the parent. In an effort to help support our Garfield families and prepare our students for future success, we are offering self-paced online classes that, if successfully completed before the end of the year, would allow your child to move to the next grade at no cost to the parent.

ELT’s coursework is being provided through Edgenuity MyPath, an online intervention program, and is limited to the subjects of Math and Reading. However, regardless of which core academic classes your child is failing, successful completion of the program will be used to meet the requirements of promotion to the next grade level.

If you have received an invitation from the counselor please complete the ELT Consent Form and return it by the end of this week to secure a seat for this program.

The form can be downloaded HERE