Prom and Graduation Town Hall Meeting

On March 6, 2014, 22 students (Freshman – Senior) from HCSD attended the Prom and Graduation Town Hall Meeting at Miami University -Middletown. Students worked with school officials, law enforcement and community members to devise strategies to keep students drug and alcohol free. Our students were outstanding and represented the district with pride, enthusiasm, positive energy and well formulated ideas. As a result of this event, our students have agreed to meet every other Wednesday after school to plan the following:
1. Produce a parody of the song “Drunk in Love” entitled “Sober Love” to be shown on Blu TV as a PSA about staying drug and alcohol free during Prom and Graduation season.
2. Coordinate with Wilson and Garfield to meet with students to discuss why our HHS students choose to stay drug and alcohol free.
3. Coordinate with HCSD elementary schools and get letters from students asking our HHS students to be safe at Prom and stay drug and alcohol free.