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Counseling Department

Student Services Offered At Hamilton High School

The Hamilton High school counseling professionals provide a comprehensive counseling program for students grades 10 through 12.  The function of the program at the high school level is to enable students to better understand their abilities, aptitudes, and interests while providing the necessary resources and information to help students make decisions that are best suited for them.  If the counselors do not have the specific information, every effort will be made to locate appropriate and relevant information for the students.

Roles of the School Counselor may include:

  • Academic Counseling and Intervention
  • Brief Individual Counseling
  • College, Career & Life Planning
  • Test Interpretation
  • Function as a Liaison between Families & Hamilton High School

Students may sign up to meet with their school counselor online by clicking here.

Contact Information

Students are assigned to a School Counselor based on the first letter of their last name.

Mrs. Alison Bridge
Students: A – Ci    Phone: (513) 887-4811 Ext. 4312
Mrs. Kelsey Kigar
Students: Cl – G    Phone: (513) 887-4836 Ext. 4314
Mrs. Sara Welty
Students: H – Le    Phone: (513) 887-4812 Ext 4315
Mr. Matthew Bradley
Students: Li – Pf   Phone: (513) 868-4494 Ext. 4311
Mrs. Megan Wheat
Students: Pf – Sl    Phone: (513) 868-4492 Ext. 4251
Mrs. Molly Gifford 
Students: Sm – Z    Phone: (513) 887-4807 Ext. 4313
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