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Course Descriptions

Courses for the Hamilton Freshman School as well as Hamilton High School are found within this section. The following provides a detailed outline of course requirements, outline of topics, and expectations. Please review them carefully as student schedules are completed based on recommendations for courses as well as student and parent selections.

  • Students begin at Hamilton High School in the tenth grade and by fulfilling a minimum credit requirement of at least 4.00 credits.
  • All coursework, including courses completed at Hamilton Freshman School, count toward the Hamilton High School diploma requirements.
  • A student’s four year high school grade point average and class rank begin to calculate at the Hamilton Freshman School.

Hamilton High School offers various levels of coursework based on a student’s aptitude and teacher recommendation. Placement in core courses is based on student performance yearly and is flexible.

Honors/AP/CCP level
Courses at the honors/AP/CCP level are built for the student pursuing a selective four-year college or university after high school.

Collegiate level
Courses at the collegiate level prepare students for a four-year college or university after high school.

Courses at the core level prepare students for career technical training as well as a two-year associate college after high school.

HHS Course Selection Guide 2017-2018

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