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Military Recruitment

Military Recruiters for Hamilton High School

Students interested in pursuing a career in the Armed Services are encouraged talk with their Hamilton High School Counselor. Below is the contact information for area recruiters.


US Air ForceJason Hamrick

Office:(513)741-1044  Cell: (513) 490-9261

[email protected]


US ArmyJohn M. Lambe 

Office: (513) 863-0646   Cell: (513) 301 5911

[email protected]


US Army National Guard- Ryan Halcomb

Office:(614) 376-5038    Cell: (513) 377-1724

[email protected]


US Marine Corps- James Hughes

Office: (513) 829-2253   Cell: (614) 886-9328

[email protected]


US Navy- Daniel Elliott

Office: (513) 894-0810    Cell: (513) 255-2308

[email protected]

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