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2018-2019 HHS Scholarships

This page will be updated regularly to include all scholarships that are received in the Hamilton High School Guidance Department for local scholarships and others mailed directly to us. Scholarships will be listed beneath the deadline to apply.  Below the due date, you will see the name of the scholarship listed.  By clicking the plus sign, you will see a brief description of the scholarship, the amount to be awarded, the deadline, and how to apply. This list is by no means comprehensive to all scholarships available to high school students.  Additional websites, such as www.fastweb.com, are also suggested for outside scholarships.

FIDM Scholarship– For students interested in Fashion, Visual Arts, Graphics, Interior Design, Social Media and Entertainment!  To apply, visit-http://fidm.edu/en/admissions/financial+aid/scholarships/national+scholarship+competition

Community Blood Center Scholarship- Seniors-Apply before 4/20/2019 for a $1000.00 scholarship!  The materials can be found at the following website: http://www.givingblood.com/ 

University of Dayton Leadership in Service Scholarship

Children’s Defense Fund Beat the Odds Scholarship-The Children’s Defense Fund-Ohio Beat the Odds® scholarship program honors outstanding high school students who have overcome tremendous adversity, demonstrated academic commitment and given back to their communities.  CDF-Ohio identifies five Ohio high school students to honor and support by providing each with a $5,000 college scholarship, a laptop computer, an invitation to join CDF’s youth leadership development programs, and other support.  These five extraordinary young people are introduced and honored and their stories of perseverance and determination are shared at an event that helps to raise awareness about the challenges facing Ohio children and the need for continued advocacy and investment.  The individual experiences and stories of these young people contribute to CDF’s ongoing efforts to shape policies and change the odds for all children. https://cdfohio.org/programs/beat-the-odds/

Terra State Scholarship

We The Students Essay Contest-https://billofrightsinstitute.org/engage/students-programs-events/scholarship/?utm_source=NEWSLETTER&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=GENERAL&utm_term=TEACHERS&utm_content=CTA&utm_source=NEWSLETTER&utm_medium=EMAIL&utm_campaign=GENERAL&utm_term=GENERIC

Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Scholarship– We can only nominate one student for this scholarship, so if you are interested, see your counselor for more details!

AAA Safety Grant 1000.00 Grant, Applications are in the Counseling Office

The Coolidge Scholarship– The Coolidge Scholarship is a full-ride, four-year, merit scholarship that may be used by recipients for undergraduate study at any accredited college or university in the United States. Any high school junior who plans on enrolling in college in the fall of 2020 and is an American citizen or legal permanent resident is eligible to apply (unfortunately current high school seniors are not eligible to apply).

Coolidge Scholars are selected based primarily on academic excellence. Secondary criteria include: an interest in public policy, an appreciation for and understanding of the values President Coolidge championed, as well as humility and service. Any Interested Junior should apply here: https://coolidgescholars.org/

University of Toldeo Judith Herb Teachers Scholarship– If you are a senior, interested in teaching and the University of Toledo, check out the link below: Letter to counselors

Driver Safety Scholarship– Check out the link  for the Driver Safety Scholarship-https://www.mkhlawyers.com/scholarship/

Ohio JCI Scholarship– See the attached info below for how to apply.  2 Academic Scholarships worth 1000.00 each, and 4 Need Based Scholarships worth 1000.00 each. 18-19 sch-appw revision

Cardinal Digital Marketing Scholarship– 2 winners, scholarship is worth 500.00.  Apply at the following link: https://www.cardinaldigitalmarketing.com/cardinal-digital-marketing-scholarship-fund/

Urbana Opportunity Scholarship- 10,000.00 Award for students going to Urbana University. You must have a 2.5 GPA. Click the following link to apply- www.urbana.edu/opportunity-scholarship

Be Active Health and Fitness Scholarship

Application Deadline: January 1, 2018 Major/Area of Study: Any Amount: $1,000/1st prize, $500/2nd prize, $250/3rd prize  RenewableNo Eligible students: Senior High School, Undergraduate and Graduate students who will be attending an accredited university or college.

Apply at the following link: https://www.beactive.com.au/scholarship/

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship– The Cooke College Scholarship Program is an undergraduate scholarship program available to high-achieving high school seniors with financial need who seek to attend and graduate from the nation’s best four-year colleges and universities.  The deadline is 11/20/2018.  Apply at the following link- https://www.jkcf.org/our-scholarships/college-scholarship-program/

Lyle B. Wright Scholarship- The Scholarship Committee of American Municipal Power (AMP) Board of Trustees is awarding scholarships in memory of Lyle B. Wright and Richard H. Gorsuch. AMP will award up to four Lyle B. Wright and four Richard H. Gorsuch Scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each. The City of Hamilton will nominate 1 student for each scholarship. The eligibility requirements are outlined below:

  • The applicant must be a student whose household receives electricity from the City of Hamilton.
  • The applicant must be a graduating high school senior who has met all of the basic requirements for college or technical school entrance and has a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.
  •  Interested seniors are required to mail/email an official transcript showing class ranking (it must include 6 semesters work) and a resume (created by the student) that includes the student’s name, home address, email address, parent/guardian name, community and extra-curricular activities, employment, and proposed university and major to  [email protected] no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, December 3, 2018.
  • Lyle B. Wright Scholarship:   applicant must be a student who is not or whose parent or guardian is not, an employee of the City of Hamilton and on the electric system’s payroll.

Lyle B. Wright 2019 Scholarship Program

Richard H. Gorsuch Scholarship- The Scholarship Committee of American Municipal Power (AMP) Board of Trustees is awarding scholarships in memory of Lyle B. Wright and Richard H. Gorsuch. AMP will award up to four Lyle B. Wright and four Richard H. Gorsuch Scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each. The City of Hamilton will nominate 1 student for each scholarship. The eligibility requirements are outlined below:

  • The applicant must be a student whose household receives electricity from the City of Hamilton.
  • The applicant must be a graduating high school senior who has met all of the basic requirements for college or technical school entrance and has a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.
  •  Interested seniors are required to mail/email an official transcript showing class ranking (it must include 6 semesters work) and a resume (created by the student) that includes the student’s name, home address, email address, parent/guardian name, community and extra-curricular activities, employment, and proposed university and major to  [email protected] no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, December 3, 2018.
  • Richard H. Gorsuch Scholarship: applicant must be a student who is, or whose parent or guardian is,  an employee of the City of Hamilton and on the electric system’s payroll.

Richard H. Gorsuch 2019 Scholarship Program

Let Us Never Forget Scholarship– Please click the link for instructions.  Scholarship amount is based on annual fundraising.

Caring.com Scholarships– Check out the link attached for multiple scholarships through Caring,com.  Deadlines and all other pertinent information can be found on the website- https://www.caring.com/caregivers/scholarships-for-student-caregivers#the-caring-com-scholarship

Sons of the American Revolution Scholarship– Deadline is 1/28/2019.  Max Award of 5000.00, please click on the link for more details!

Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarship- The HSF Scholarship is designed to aid students of Hispanic heritage in their pursuit of a college degree. Scholarships are available to high school seniors, undergraduate students (all years), graduate students, and community college students transferring to four-year universities. Awards are merit-based, and final amounts range from $500 to $5,000, based on demonstrated financial need.

Phase 1 of the application, which is a short questionnaire, opens on January 1, 2019 and closes on February 5. After review of all Phase 1 submissions, the top qualified applicants will be invited to complete the application Phase 2.

Franklin B. Walter Scholarship through Butler County ESC- One winner will be chosen from all students in Butler County.  Please fill out the application if interested .https://www.bcesc.org/documents/parents/FBW%20Scholastic%20Application%20fillable%202019.pdf

Martha Seward Rahfuse Memorial Scholarship through the Butler County ESC- Please see the application for more details .https://www.bcesc.org/documents/parents/MSR%20Scholarhip%20Application%20fillable%202019.pdf

Georgia Future Champions Scholarship- If you are interested in attending a school in Georgia, check out this scholarship- At The Champion Firm, P.C., we know that it is not easy to become a champion in your chosen field. It takes hours of practice, patience, and persistence. How do you embody those values? What steps are you going to take to become the best at what you do? How are you going to make yourself a champion? If you are a high school senior or college student in Georgia, and will be enrolled in a two-year to four-year institution in 2019, apply today for the $1,500 The Champion Firm, P.C. – Georgia Future Champions Scholarship.

Apply at the following link: https://www.thechampionfirm.com/reports/georgia-future-champions-scholarship/

OACAC 2019 Charles L. Warren Scholarship 

The Charles L. Warren Memorial Heritage Scholarship is now available for eligible students to submit. This scholarship is for high school seniors who attend schools that are members of OACAC (just one counselor in your high school needs to be an OACAC member to qualify). The OACAC Inclusion Access and Success Committee would like you to forward the application to deserving students at your high school. The one-time $1,500 scholarship will be awarded to several outstanding high school seniors and may be used at any Ohio college or university.

Students from underrepresented populations with a grade point average of a 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale who are in a college preparatory curriculum are eligible to compete for the scholarships. The students must also plan to attend an Ohio college or university. They will need to submit their completed application along with their personal statement, high school transcript, and the guidance counselor recommendation (which must be signed by the counselor). Please note that students may also submit a recommendation from a teacher, clergy or someone who has worked with them through a community organization.  Click the following link to go to the application- https://form.jotform.com/83083825930157

Ohio State Alumni of Butler County Scholarship– please click the link for instructions, and the following link to apply!  Application-Butler-2019

Hamilton Community Foundation Scholarship- The Application opens 12/21/2018, and the deadline is 1/21/2019.  Please click the following link to apply and for further directions-https://www.hamiltonfoundation.org/scholarship/

Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

This is for the McCullah-Hyde Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship.  It is for students interested in Nursing.  The award is 2500, and there will be 2 winners.  Please click on the title for instructions and an application.

Vietnam Veterans of America Scholarship

This scholarship has awards of 800.00, 600.00 and 400.00.  Please click on the link above for submission instructions and application.

JLT Diversity Scholarship- Due 12/23.  Please see the attachment for details!

CBC Lead The Way Scholarship Click the link for more details.  Up to a 5000.00 award!

Joe Nuxhall Miracle League Field Scholarship- Please click the link below to apply!

In order to be considered for this scholarship opportunity, students must submit a completed application no later than February 1, 2019 (postmark deadline). A blank application is attached to this e-mail. Please note we are extending the application deadline because this e-mail is being sent later than anticipated. A completed application for scholarship will also include:

    • An essay (Typed and no more than 500 words, prompt included on application)
    • A copy of the student’s resume
  • An official or unofficial copy of the student’s high school transcript

Scholarship Application – Fall 2019

OAPSE Scholarship Application

This scholarship is for students’ whose parents are members of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees.  There is one scholarship for 2,500.00.  Please complete the attached application if the above criteria apply to you!

2019 OOGEEP Scholarship

The Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program’s (OOGEEP) Scholarship Foundation, and Ohio’s oil and gas industry, is proud to announce that we will be awarding a minimum of 50 scholarships in 2019!
Today, there are more than 75 different oil and gas related careers for your students to consider in this energy industry. Ohio’s natural gas and crude oil industry continues to recognize the importance of providing financial assistance to those young men and women who chose a path that can lead to a very exciting and rewarding career! To date, Ohio’s oil and gas industry has awarded over 400 scholarships, representing more than 40 different oil and gas related majors from 31 colleges, universities, trade or technical schools.
Students must return their completed applications by March 1, 2019, and the winners will be announced in May of 2019. OOGEEP’s scholarships are available to students pursuing a 4-year or 2-year degree, or one of many certificate level programs. If awarded a scholarship, students are eligible to renew it for up to 4 years!

Please click on the link above for the scholarship application!

Squires Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is 4,000.00 Need based renewable Scholarship.  Please click the link above for details.  Apply at the following link: www.wmdsquiresfoundation.org

Rosen-Ohr Law Scholarship

The scholarship offers a cash award to the student who writes the best response to the following prompt: “Write an essay explaining in detail how a serious accident involving you, a family member, or a close friend has impacted your life. This could have been a car crash, a slip-and-fall accident, a work-related injury, or any other serious accident.”

Please click the link to apply: https://www.rosenohrlaw.com/scholarship/

Sinclair Scholarships- High School Merit Scholarships worth $2,000 per year are available for rising high school seniors (Class of 2019) who plan to enroll at Sinclair as full-time students for the upcoming school year. As part of the application, students are required to upload an unofficial high school or homeschool transcript, and either upload a letter of recommendation or request that a mentor, guidance counselor, or other reference submit a letter of recommendation online through the scholarship system. Applications for current high school seniors are open until February 28th at noon EST, and students can apply by clicking the “Apply Online to Scholarships” button. Here is the link: http://www.sinclair.edu/enroll/finaid/financial-aid-types-and-sources/scholarships-application-information/

Flavorful Futures Scholarship- Sparkling Ice® is awarding FIVE $5,000 scholarships to eligible high school seniors who are planning their bright and colorful futures. If this sounds like one of your students, tell them to apply today!  Apply at the following link: https://www.flavorfulfutures.com/

OMACCS Application– Ohio Michigan Association of Career Colleges and Schools scholarship.  Deadline 4/12/2019. Click the link for application and more information.

Northrop Grumman Engineering Scholarship

The Northrop Grumman Scholars program will award an $8,000 scholarship over the course of four years ($2,000 a year with ongoing eligibility requirements) to one qualified student chosen from the following counties, Butler, Clermont, Hamilton or Warren.  Candidates must attend a high school in one of these four counties to apply.  The student must be a graduating senior in the Spring of 2019 and plan to attend an accredited college or university as a full-time student in an approved engineering, computer science, mathematics or physics program.  The scholarship recipient will be invited to a celebration dinner at the close of the school year held at the Cincinnati facility, date to be determined.

This year’s scholarships are being administered by Scholarship America.  Please distribute the attached Northrop Grumman Scholars Program brochure to your guidance counselors, as well as your math and science teachers, so they may pass along this opportunity to qualifying students.  The application may be obtained online at:


Applications must be received no later than February 5, 2018.


Please feel free to contact Jane Diles, our contact, if you have any questions at 513-881-3296 or email her at [email protected].

2019_Engineering Scholars_Brochure

Ridgeway Scholarship- If you attended Ridgeway, there are 2 $500.00 scholarships available.  The deadline is 2/28/2019.  Please apply at the following link! PTO scholarship application form

Ohio Gas Association Scholarship 

Please read the announcement and use the following link to apply-

Ohio Gas Association Scholarship Application

Altrusa USA Scholarship- Three 750.00 scholarships for Butler County Students,  please click the link below for more info!

Altrusa_Scholarship_Application_Form_2017 revised

Wilshire Law Firm Student Scholar Award

This scholarship will award one outstanding student with 1,000 to be used towards educational expenses.

To apply, students must submit a 600 word essay describing the college major they are interested in and why. This essay should talk about how they plan to work in their chosen field to help their community.

You can view the link to the scholarship details and application here: wilshirelawfirm.com/scholarships/student-scholar-award

Edwin L. Pence Memorial Scholarship-  Please see attached for more details, due 5/24/2019 Pence Scholarship

AK Stephenson Foundation Charitable Trust Scholarship– Due 4/30/2019.  Please click the link for more details! AK Stephenson Scholarship

Butler County Farm Bureau Federation Scholarships  If your family is a member of the Butler County Farm Bureau Federation, there are multiple scholarships that you could qualify for.  Please click on the link above for more information!

Butler County Fire Chief’s Association Scholarship-

 Students must be a resident in Butler County OR have a parent who works in Public Safety within Butler County

  The Scholarship is open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors in High School

 More information on the scholarship application is available on the BC Fire Chiefs’ Association website: http://www.bcfcaohio.org/scholarship/

Application period is from March 1-April 30, 2019

Anthony Munoz Foundation Scholarship- 

Developed through Anthony and his family’s passion to help deserving students reach their dreams of attending a local college or university, the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund awards multiple $20,000 scholarships to select Tri-State high school seniors. Students are interviewed and chosen based on their financial need, academic achievement, ability to overcome adversity and their ambition to succeed.

Applications for the scholarship fund will be accepted starting January 1st, 2019 through May 1st, 2019.

Thanks to our Scholarship Fund supporters, we’re able to recognize deserving students, each year. Special thanks to Clippard Minimatic, Mercy Health and Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund, Fifth Third Bank, Trustee.

Eligibility Requirements
Recipients of The Anthony Muñoz Scholarship Fund must meet several requirements to apply for this scholarship.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Display a desire to overcome adversity and demonstrate a financial need.

All requirements can be found on our Eligibility Requirements page.

Multiple $20,000 scholarships will be awarded in 2019. The award shall be renewable only if the recipient(s) meets eligibility and performance requirements as stated by in the application.

Please apply at the following link:


Butler County Retired Teachers’ Scholarship-

The Butler County Retired Teachers Association offers scholarships in the field of education each year
to college-bound high school seniors who attend a public school in Butler County and plan to become
The $1000 scholarships are for one (1) year and will be awarded to the selected students on
Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at noon at the Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Dr., Fairfield, OH.
Whenever sufficient funds are available, the B.C.R.T.A. will offer a minimum of two (2) scholarships.
Last year we awarded four scholarships.
Interested seniors should email this application and their answers to the questions along with a copy
of their transcript no later than April 1, 2019. My email address is [email protected] Applications may
also be received by mail and sent to Dianne Aiken, Committee Chair, 5551 Mississippi Dr., Fairfield, OH
45014. Please remember to include your transcript with your SAT or ACT scores. For any questions call
(513) 310-2265 or email.

Please use the following link to apply: bcrtaquesforstudentapp2019


Kettering and Fort Hamilton Hospital Scholarship-


Senior Student Athletes who are currently or who have previously participated in one or more athletic programs at Hamilton High School. Student Athletes will be eligible to receive a one-time scholarship of $1,000.

Senior students enrolled in the Health Careers and/or Exercise Science programs who plan to pursue an education and career in the healthcare industry [athletic training, physical therapy, radiology, cardiology, or other applicable medical field]. Students will be eligible to receive a one-time scholarship of $500-$1,000.


Click on the link below to access the Google Form. All scholarship application information must be completed and submitted using this link.


Deadline: All scholarship applications must be submitted by April 12, 2019. No late submissions will be accepted.  


Hamilton High School Booster Scholarship:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Graduating Senior
  • Proof of enrollment into a college or university
  • Have attended Hamilton City Schools for the last two years  
  • Have played at least one sport for at least two years         
  • One parent or guardian must be a current member of the HHS Boosters
  • Student and parent or guardian must have volunteered at least TEN (10) hours for the Boosters during your high school career


    • Complete this form and return with the essay attached to it directly to your counselor.
    • Essay must be stapled to the back of this form upon submission.  Make sure to include your name ONLY ON PAGE 1 of the application.


  • Due: April 16th, 2019
  • All scholarship money will be paid directly to the college/university
  • Attach an essay of a minimum of 500 words explaining how being involved in sports has impacted your high school experience and what you have learned from it.

Booster Scholarship Form 2018_19

Greater Cincinnati Association of Black Journalists Scholarship 


Who can apply: college bound seniors that desire to plan to pursue journalism or communications.

All you have to do is:

  • Send us a resume outlining your extracurricular activities, employment and community service
  • 500 essay explaining who inspired your career path and the importance of journalism in 2019 and beyond.
  • Complete online application
Use the following link, or contact your counselor if you cannot get it to work:


HCTA Scholarship-

Criteria & Qualifications:

Applicant must:

  • have attended Hamilton City Schools for the previous four years
  • Education Majors and Non-Education Majors can apply

As part of the application process each applicant must provide the following:

  • the following application /information page
  • resume
  • school transcript
  • two letters of recommendation- 1 from a current or former teacher
  • an essay  of no more than 650 words on the topic, “Why I have Chosen Education as a Career” Or if a non education major. “The teacher who had the biggest impact on me was…. and why.”

typed, double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font

Send completed application, resume, transcript, letters of recommendation and essay to:

Mrs. Sharon Berger

HCTA Scholarship Chair

c/o Linden Elementary

801 Hoadley Ave.

Hamilton, OH 45015

*NEW* You may submit your application items electronically to [email protected] through Google Docs or through email.

Please label it with your last name, first initial -HCTAScholarship (example WilliamsR-HCTAScholarship).

hcta student scholarship application 2018-2019


Chiari Cares Scholarship

The Board of Directors of Chiari Cares, as well as all of our contributors, volunteers, and professionals, support children diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Malformation and their families through educational resources and emotional supports.
Through Chiari Cares, we have been privileged to witness the amazing character, courage, and resilience of those diagnosed with Chiari malformation. In an effort to support the ambitions and goals of Chiari patients and families, we are happy to make available academic scholarships, in varying amounts, to both current and former Chiari patients and volunteers of our organization, as they pursue their post-secondary education.
Printable applications are attached, and also are available online at https://www.chiaricares.org/chiari-cares-scholarship
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you for sharing this new scholarship opportunity with students who may meet our eligibility requirements.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Leeann Fitzpatrick, President/CEO of Chiari Cares, at [email protected] at your earliest convenience.

Have a great day!

Damon Knoche, Board Chair

2019 Chiari Cares Scholarship Application


Bill Jolly Scholarship

Please click the link below for more information about this scholarship:

Bill Jolly Scholarship 2019

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