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Students are required to complete 1/2 credit of either Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Business OR Technology to fulfill the graduation requirements for a Hamilton High School diploma.

Additionally, students are required to complete 1/2 credit of either Online Portfolio Development or Computer Applications I to fulfill the graduation requirements for a Hamilton High School diploma.

Course Descriptions

 (Grade 11 & 12)     1 semester / ½ credit                       Fee Required

Pre-requisite:  none

This course provides the fundamentals of accounting.  It covers accounting terminology such as: revenue, expenses, net income, debits and credits and the accounting equation.  Topics include analyzing, journalizing and posting transactions; adjusting and closing entries and completion of the work sheet for a service business.  In addition, students learn to create financial statements and how to interpret meaningful information from the balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements.  This course is highly recommended for any student considering a career in business.  Accounting is a required class of every College Business Major.

 (Grade 11 & 12) 1 semester / ½ credit

Pre-requisite: Beginning Accounting

This class is for those students who are considering a college degree or career in accounting.  The fundamentals of the accounting cycle are expanded through the use of journals, ledgers, and practice sets.

 (Grade 11 & 12) 1 semester / ½ credit

Pre-requisite: none

This course gives students an understanding of legal principles that can help them relate more effectively with the problems of everyday living.  Through the study of true situations students will see how business and personal law impacts not only business, but the lives of young people and adults as well.  This course is highly recommended for any student who plans on a college business or pre-law major.

 1 semester / ½ credit Fee Required

This course is designed to introduce students to fundamental computer applications found on personal computers that are used for creating and processing information in the majority of homes/businesses in the United States and around the world.  Specific applications introduced include: Microsoft Office Applications including: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and Internet access, search engines, and legalities of Internet use.  Students will use the skills obtained in this class to assist them with their homework, research/reports, presentations, etc.  The knowledge/skills obtained in this course will assist the student’s entire lifelong learning process.  This course fulfills the Hamilton High School computer course requirement for graduation.

 1 semester / ½ credit Fee Required

Online Portfolio Development is a semester course designed for all students with a serious interest in developing a professional online presence that documents academic work, career skills, and individual achievements. This course will introduce students to various online platforms for portfolio development, will teach basic coding relevant to portfolio design, will stress strong written products, and examine the role of social media in individual branding and portfolio promotion. The final product for this course will be a functional online portfolio that can continue to be developed as students evolve in their educational career.