Health & Physical Education

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  • Students are required to complete 1/2 credit of Health and 1/2 credit of Physical Education to fulfill the graduation requirements for the state of Ohio and Hamilton High School.

Course Descriptions

Health      1 semester / ½ credit

This course places emphasis on how the human body works, mental and social issues, and teenage stress with special emphasis on units on tobacco, alcohol and drug use.  Additionally, a full CPR unit will be taught leading to Red Cross certification for those students who pass this course with an 80%.

Physical Education        1 semester = ¼ credit  –  2 semesters = 1/2 credit

Choose 1:                       Team Sports           or           Strength and Fitness Training

This course selection has been divided into 3 levels of activities.  The courses are competency based meaning that specific knowledge and skills have been defined and the student must demonstrate his/her knowledge and skill ability in order to receive credit.  Any student who needs a physical education credit to graduate may select one of these course activities.  Any junior or senior that has fulfilled his/her P.E. requirement to graduate may sign up for an elective provided he/she has an “A” or “B” grade in required P.E. or written permission from the teacher.

NOTE: Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, Hamilton High School students in the 9,10, and 11 grades who successfully complete two full seasons of approved interscholastic athletics, marching band, cheerleading, or Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps may be excused from the state mandated physical education requirement.  The PE waiver requirements must be fulfilled by the end of a students’ 11th grade academic year.  Students must notify their counselor at time of scheduling that they are pursuing the PE Waiver and complete the required form.