Scheduling Process

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The scheduling process for the 2017-2018 school year has begun.  As a counseling staff we want to both make you aware of the scheduling process and encourage your participation in the process.

The Scheduling Process for the 2017-18 School Year

  • Staff members who teach core subjects (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language) met with students during class time and made subject specific course recommendations for the 2017-2018 school year.  These recommendations will be a part of the data that will determine student placement. Other data includes test scores, grades, etc.

  • During advisory on February 22, your child will receive their Elective Choice sheet and viewed a video explaining the scheduling process at Hamilton High School.

  • Students will work on their elective scheduling worksheet with their parents and return them to their advisory teacher on 3/1. If students would like further assistance with their selection process, they can put in a request to meet with their counselor.

  • If a student is interested in taking a CCP course either here at HHS through Sinclair, or through another college or university, they must turn in a letter of intent to their school counselor by March 31st.
  • Any concerns with core course choices/recommendations should be discussed with the student’s current teacher in that core area.  Any additional course changes can be made with your student’s counselor until the last day of school in May.

Hamilton High School Schedule Change Policy

  • Schedules at Hamilton High School will only be changed for the following reasons:

    • A student has completed a scheduled course in summer school.

    • A student is missing a core course on their schedule.

    • A student is missing a required course for graduation (Seniors only).

    • A student did not pass the second semester of a course and is scheduled into the next course.

    • A student does not have 7 periods on their schedule.

  • Schedules will not be changed for the following reasons:

    • The student wants a different teacher.

    • The student does not like the elective they previously selected.

    • The student wants a different lunch.

    • The student wants a class with a friend.

  • Schedule change forms can only be submitted during the 1st week of school.

  • Any student who drops a course after the third week of the semester will receive a “WF” (withdrawn failing), receiving zero credit for the course and will be computed into the GPA equivalent to a grade of “F”.


The schedule change policy listed above is an Administrative and Board of Education supported policy.

HHS Course Selection Guide 2017-2018