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Required High School Testing:

AIR (End of Course Exams) – Class of 2018 and Beyond
There a 7 AIR tests, English I, English II, Algebra I, Geometry, US History and US Government. The tests are administered in the Spring of the year that each student takes the corresponding course. Students must accumulate a total of 18 points on these tests if they are using this pathway for graduation. Students also must earn a minimum of 4 points across the English tests and the Math tests. They must also earn a minimum of 6 points across the Biology, US History and US Government tests.

College & Career Readiness Testing:

ASVAB – The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is an assessment given by the United States Armed Forces as an admission test, but is given at the high school level for its built in career assessment component to help guide students to seek education in a career field matching their interests.

PSAT – The Pre-SAT is given to collegiate and honors 11th grade students in October of each year.  The testing date for the PSAT is pre-determined by College Board and is the only date for the test each academic year.   The Pre Scholastic Aptitude Test gives students practice for the SAT and if they meet the annual benchmarks, will qualify (as a Junior) will qualify a student for National Merit and/or National Achievement and/or National Hispanic Scholar Award.

AP – The AP Examinations are administered each year in May and represent the culmination of college-level work in a given discipline in a secondary school setting. Rigorously developed by committees of college and AP high school faculty, the AP Exams test students’ ability to perform at a college level.  One great benefit of taking AP Exams is the opportunity to earn college credit and placement. Most colleges and universities in the United States grant credit and placement for qualifying AP scores. You can save money and get a head start on your degree when you enter college with credit you’ve already earned through AP.  Each college and university makes its own decisions about awarding credit and placement. Most have a written policy spelling out things like the minimum required score to earn credit for a given AP Exam, the amount of credit awarded and how credits are applied.                                                                                 Find out more at apstudent.collegeboard.org

College Admissions Tests:

ACT – The American College test should be taken by the spring of student’s 11th grade year and is required for almost all colleges and universities for admission.  The ACT is offered in September, October, December, February, April and June of each academic year.  Test registration is completed online at www.actstudent.org

SAT – The Scholastic Achievement Test is available for students as an alternate college admissions test and is accepted as widely as the ACT. Learn more at sat.collegeboard.org/home