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Katie Huber

School Hours
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Pink for Fitz

Kim Fitzpatrick, or Fitz as she is also known as is a 4th grade teacher at Linden. She has been with Hamilton City Schools for 14 years and is a fixture at Linden. She is […]

Linden Links-Important Dates

Month of October Fun Facts
·         October is National Chili Month!
·         October 12, 1492 Christopher Columbus landed in America!
Student Kudos

We would like to recognize our Linden students who earned student of the month in September!!

Zoe […]

ELL Student Activities

4th grade field trip to Fort Ancient! Students learned about the Indians that settled the area. It was especially neat for Ms. Isaacs and her ELLs because they’ve been emphasizing taking pride in your culture, and on the […]

Thank you Mrs. Inkrot

Recently a retired Lakota teacher held a garage sale. Mrs. Inkrot, Linden’s awesome librarian took advantage of this yard sale to add to the Linden shelves. She purchased 61 hardback and over 125 paperbacks all for […]

PTO Kick Off Meeting-150+ Strong

On September 22nd, Linden hosted a PTO, Title I, Student of the Month meeting. The Title I teachers presented information about Title I and what impacts it has on our building and students. Mrs. Lockwood […]

Writer’s Spotlight

In Mrs. Berger’s OSU group students did a I see, I wonder, I think journal entry. They were shown a picture of a football stadium at night and were asked to describe it using I […]

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