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The Miami School is committed to providing every student with the academic knowledge, interpersonal skills and self-discipline needed to be a successful member of our community and an active life long learner.

In our commitment to excellence, we envision a school where our students are committed to their own education, are taught to respect themselves and others, are enriched by diversity, and are helped to develop to their full potential in a flexible, non-traditional setting.

Office Hours
7:30 A.M. – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday

140 Ross Ave.
Hamilton, Ohio 45013
(513) 887-5197
Fax: 1-513-318-1451

Director, Michael S. Wright
[email protected]

Facilitator, Scott Ahonen
[email protected]

Apply to the Miami School

Applications to Miami School

In order to apply, the student must first be enrolled at Hamilton High School. The student will then need to discuss the possibility of enrolling in the Miami School with their guidance counselor.