5th and 6th Grade Guest Speaker

Today, 6th and 5th grade students enjoyed motivational speaker Mr. Duke Pryor...aka YCP  . Mr. Pryor talked about his story and his WHY.    He asked,"What's your WHY?"  Mr. Pryor wants kids to know their path in life...to know where and why they are going there!      "Show me your friends...I'll show you your future." [...]

Wow! The Kindergarten Powwow

Happy Thanksgiving Season!  This week has been full of learning and experiences with Native American culture and the history of our first Thanksgiving.  Mr. Britton spent time in High School going to Powwows and competing as a dancer and has used this experience to help teach Ridgeway students about this very important cultural event in [...]

Kindergarten is Thankful

These past two weeks in Mr. Brittons Kindergarten Class has been filled with learning about different Native American cultures as well as what happened that very first Thanksgiving Day.  Our weeks have been filled with stories, both fiction and nonfiction, telling us stories of how the Pilgrims and Native Americans had to work together.  We [...]

Ms. Purtons 1st Grade Friends

Ms. Purtons 1st  grade students love using the chrome books in the classroom. This week her students took some time to teach Mrs. Gruner's students the correct way to use the chrome books and  how to log in.  Keep up the great work 1st Grade, you are well on your way to becoming Chrome Book Masters!

Box Tops for Ridgeway

Mrs. Farris' second grade class has taken on the job of cutting and counting Box Top Points to  help earn money for Ridgeway. The points that the families send in help buy playground equipment for all the boys and girls! Please save box tops, they're on a lot of the foods we eat and have [...]

The Ghost-Eye Tree’s

The Ghost-Eye Tree by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault inspired Ridgeway’s Second Grade artists to create a value study art work. Students learned the technique of ‘shading’ by adding black to a color and the technique of ‘tinting’ by adding white to a color. They learned that value is an element of art which shows the lightness or darkness [...]

It’s Turkey Time!

Kindergarten Families have been hard at work making Turkeys at home.  Mr. Britton, Mrs. Mittermaier, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Williamson asked their Kindergarten Families to work together to build a turkey of their choice from recycled materials at home, turning something old into something new.  The creativity started to flow and WOW, what amazing ideas [...]

Empty Bowls

Hamilton's first annual EMPTY BOWLS was held by Ridgeway Elementary staff and students in February 2012. It was such a rewarding experience that the entire district was involved in February of 2013. This school year, we once again held our own EMPTY BOWLS even at Ridgeway. The choice to have  the event in November coincides [...]

Awesome Job with AR!

The three young boys Devon, Gunner, and Scott have earned 50+ points in AR. Accelerated Reading is a program that allows students to self select a book that is on their independent reading level and then take a quiz on the computer. It also gives the students immediate feedback and helps develop success in reading. [...]