Vote for Ridgeway’s Poster at Kiwani’s Breakfast

Ridgeway's poster needs your vote! How can YOU help? Attend the Kiwani's Club PANCAKE BREAKFAST which is being held at the Hamilton Freshman building, tomorrow, Saturday, April 26. The winning poster will be determined by popular vote of the customers who attend that morning. Each customer will be given a voting ticket to place in a [...]

The Intramural Soccer Tournament

The intramural soccer tournament was a success over the weekend. The boys and girl saw some great competition from the other elementary schools in the district.   The final scores of all three games for the girls was not an accurate example of the way the girls played. Despite not winning one of their games [...]

Kits for Kids Campaign

Ridgeway is participating in The Kits for Kids School Supply Campaign that helps families who are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table by providing school supply kits to their children- one less thing they have to try to make room for in an already overextended budget. For only $6, you can [...]