Pumpkin Math in 2nd Grade

Today, Mrs. Farris' second grade class has been working with pumpkins to integrate the upcoming holiday with mathematics. The students are working on estimating, counting, and creating a K-W-L chart to to explore and document their learning experiences.

Kindergarten Goes to the Farm

We had such an amazing trip today to Wendel Farms in Indiana!! Right when we got to the farm we loaded up on a big tractor and took it all the way out to the Pumpkin Patch!! Every student got to pick there very own pumpkin from the field. Some are big, some are small, [...]

Kindergarten Learns about Fall!

We have been learning so many amazing signs of fall here in Room 116!We compared and contrasted different types of apples, learned about different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.  We celebrated the end of our unit with APPLE DAY, a fun day where we tasted all different kids of apples,cored and peeled apples to make [...]

Dental Checks at RW: December 10th

MOBILE DENTIST Don’t forget to have your parent fill out the permission slip for the Mobile Dentist coming on December 5th to Ridgeway Elementary! They offer cleanings, screenings and fluoride treatments. NO child is EVER turned away for lack of resources! Turn in your permission slip by Friday, October 10th!