3rd Grade LOVES Science

Our third grade classes have started the year out by learning how to be fantastic third grade scientists! We've explored with our 5 senses, practiced writing with details and we've used information gathered in order to make inferences! We already have a LOVE for science!

ME/WE in 1st and 2nd

First, second grade students played a game to get to know their classmates.  After the game, students worked with partners to discuss things they had in common and things that were unique and different about eachother. We discovered there are many ways WE are alike and wrote them on the WE side.  Flip WE over [...]

My, what great camoflauge you have!

How did a firedrill turn into a science lesson? Second grade students discovered a mysterious, folded leaf attached to the outside of a door during a practice fire drill. Students questioned what they were observing. Upon further investigation with a magnifying glass, we realized that it was an insect! We were able to  identify 6 [...]