Science Fair Schedule and Timeline for Ridgeway 2017

Science Fair Schedule/ Timeline

*Please note that this is subject to change and all changes will be posted in google classroom.

**SOME class time will be provided at school.  The majority of this project will need to be completed at HOME!**


Dec. 2 Topic/Question due to teacher


Jan. 6 Introduction rough draft due


Jan. 13 Introduction FINAL copy due


Jan. 20 Methods & Materials FINAL copy due


Jan. 27 Results FINAL copy due


Feb. 3 Data Tables & Graph FINAL copy due

Conclusion FINAL copy due

Title Page FINAL copy due

Abstract (Final Report Printed)


Feb. 10 Display boards due


Feb. 13-16 Practice Speeches/ Present in class


Feb. 17 Ridgeway School Science Fair

(NO family at this time please)


Feb. 21 6:30 – 7:30 Science Fair Open House

Parents join us at Ridgeway for an hour to see your student shine!  Students should dress nice and return to school to present their projects to family and friends.  Students that have qualified for the city fair will be notified at this time!!!


March 3 Rotary City Wide Science Fair

This is for the selected students at Miami

University Hamilton.


Google Doc Version Here