Farmer’s Market at Ridgeway!

As a Right to Read activity Ridgeway was so fortunate to have a fun farmer's market experience! Students were able to go through our Hamilton City School Food Truck and get fresh vegetables and try some homemade food made by the chef! The students loved getting foods they had never seen before and tasting new [...]

6th Grade Science Lab

Sixth grade science is in the lab!  Students in Mrs. Wagle's class are exploring and following scientific method to answer the question, "What happens to the mass of gum after it is chewed for ten minutes?"

“Keep the Quote”

In Mrs. Wyatt's classroom they do "Keep the Quote". Every week a new quote is posted in the classroom. We talk about what the quote means, and how the quote could pertain to their classroom. At the end of the week, the kids vote on who represented the quote the most that week. Greyden Lynch [...]

Socktober is Almost Here!!

Ridgeway is selling Ridgeway socks with “STARS” written down the back, seen on the order form below. The socks are royal blue with black stars and lettering with a white outline. If you would like to order a pair, please fill out the form below and send it in with your money BY FRIDAY, OCTOBER [...]

Exploring Ecosystems

Fifth graders in Mrs. Albert's class have been exploring the role of organisms in ecosystems! They played a game to simulate obstacles in the process of migration and wrote about human impact on migratory species and brainstormed solutions to help them as they complete their journey.

Independent Research

Fifth grade social studies students have been learning about landforms and have researched major United States landforms! Students were able to choose which landform they were most interested in!