Science Inquiry!

In Mrs. Albert's science class students are learning how to identify herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores by observing teeth and eye placement! "Eyes on the side like to hide. Eyes in the front like to hunt!"

Art in the Community

Sixth graders in Mrs. Tony's art class are designing footwear and garments inspired by Iris van Herpen. Some of their works will be featured on November 16 at Evening for Educators at the Cincinnati Art Museum!

Made to Love

Made to Love is a local organization that provides funds to educate children in Haiti. Two of the owners are the parents of Dean and Rylan Harris. They came to our school with the other owner to share about Haiti and an upcoming mission trip to work in the schools! The following link goes to [...]

Fire Safety

Our students in kindergarten through third grade learned about fire safety this week! They even got to look at a firetruck and how fire fighters help when there is a burning building.  

Young Readers

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Conrad's homeroom read to Miss Sullivan's kindergarten class for Right to Read week! It is a wonderful thing to see students teach other students!    

Public Energy Week Contest Winners!

This year was the first time Hamilton Utilities held a children's coloring contest as part of Public Energy Week! Children in three different age groups were invited to color a picture and submit it to Hamilton Utilities for a chance to win a prize. All of the submitted coloring pages have been hung up next [...]

Operation Pumpkin

Fourth graders in Mrs. Tony's art class are painting pumpkins for Operation Pumpkin this weekend, Oct. 13-15! These pumpkins will be places around the old courthouse wall. If the students attend the festival, they get to keep their pumpkins!