Community Christmas!

Community members from various businesses, churches and organizations came together with Ridgeway staff and Ridgeway families to provide Christmas gifts to families in need. Holiday gifts were provided for over 70 children, serving 45 families!

Wax Museum

Sixth graders prepare for months for their infamous wax museum! They are each assigned an influential historical figure. They write a research paper, then dress up as their person and tell information about themselves to the rest of the school! The students love sharing what they've learned with others! They did an amazing job this [...]

Holiday Reading

Mrs. Hurley is a retired teacher that comes and reads to Mrs. Wagle's sixth grade class a few times a month!  This is her reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. The students love to listen to the stories Mrs. Hurley reads to them.

Green Team

Green Team worked with Dan Hayes from the Izaak Walton League to install nesting boxes! We can't wait to see all of the birds who come to live by our school!

Basketball Teams

The 4th, 5th, and 6th graders have been organized into teams for the basketball unit. Each student is assigned a role to fulfill on their team. The captains lead the practice, the assistant captains teach and lead their team in the warm-up, the journalists create a short written report about the day, the designer is [...]

Enrichment Shark Tank!

Students who attend an enrichment program after school worked on to create a plan for a restaurant - including prices, staff, food options and other aspects that go into opening a restaurant! They then presented to a set of "sharks" (staff and parents) to ask for an "investment" for their restaurant! The students had great [...]

Bus Appreciation

Students gave bus drivers snacks and cards to express their appreciation of the drivers! They make sure our students get to and from school safely every day! Thank you to all our transportation!

Science in Nature

Students in 6th grade science classes worked with our Naturalist friend Ms. Edwards and our Miami Students for a soil lesson.  Students took three soil core samples from around the school, made observations, then tested samples for the make up of the soil.  Students also did a porosity test upon returning to the classroom. They [...]

How Big Is Our Classroom?

Fifth grade students in Miss Pflueger's class build cubic feet and cubic meters to understand some of the units used to find volume. Afterwards students used the cubic meter to find the volume of the classroom! The students loved this activity!