13 Colonies Brochure

Students in Miss Pflueger’s 5th grade social studies class created a brochure to invite people to their favorite of the 13 colonies! They got to research information and pictures about their colony then create their brochure with their own design and color!...

Quilting and Math!

Students in Mrs. Wagle’s homeroom enjoyed a basic lesson on the history of quilting along with a few stories from Mrs. Hurley.  Mrs. Hurley also related quilting to our newest math topic of surface area and perimeter.

Sixth Grade Science Fair Open House

Ridgeway 6th grade Science Fair Open House.  Families, friends, and students enjoyed an evening of showing off hard work!  Thank you Mrs. Wagle and Mrs. Jelil for your dedication to this project and helping students throughout this process!

Future Careers

When 5th/3rd came this weeks our 5th graders got to think about what they want to be when they grow up! They used magazines to find pictures for a collage showing their future careers!