Contest Winner!!

Congratulations to Klaire Johnson on being the state winner for Ohio's National Missing Children's Day Poster Contest! She got to go to Columbus to get awarded with a special luncheon! The contest was for the Mission Persons Unit of Ohio. Great job Klaire!

Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to all of these students who achieved perfect attendance for the ENTIRE YEAR! What a great accomplishment! It takes a lot of dedication to be at school every day for the entire school year!! Great job!

5th/3rd Young Bankers Graduation

This past Thursday fifth graders graduated from the 5th/3rd Young Bankers Program! Every Tuesday banker volunteers would come to our classrooms and teach the students how to save money, work with a bank, and more involving finances! The students were able to participate in a graduation celebrating their completion of the program!

Miami University Field Trip

Students in 5th grade got to go on a field trip to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio! They loved seeing the campus and getting a feel for what it would be like to go to college! They saw a classroom, a dorm room, a dining hall, and more! Thank you to 5th/3rd Young Bankers Program [...]

Mayor Visit

The mayor of Hamilton, Pat Moeller, came to speak to the third grade about what it’s like to be mayor, how Hamilton is changing and improving and what the third graders would do if they were mayor for a day!    

Field Day!

Field day was a blast! Ms. DeLong did an outstanding job organizing this fun event! Thank you to all of our volunteers who took time out of their day to help make this day a success! Fun was had by all!