Mission and Vision

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Ridgeway Vision

Ridgeway Elementary envisions learners who work collaboratively as critical thinkers.  Students are supported with best instructional practices that provide meaningful learning experiences and are held by high professional standards.  Together with community partnerships, we ensure a nurturing learning environment that ensures all students achieve at their maximum potential.


Ridgeway Staff Mission

I am a Ridgeway Star.

S – I Showcase total dedication to my students and to my instruction.

T – I Teach every student effectively.

A – I Aim high, inspire my students, and am fully competent.

R – I am Ready to make a positive difference today.


Ridgeway Student Pledge

I’m proud to be a Ridgeway Star,

my education takes me far.

I pledge each day to do my best,

in reading, math and all the rest.

I promise to obey the rules,

in my class and in my school.

My character is strong and true,

I respect myself and others too.

I’m responsible as I can be,

each choice I make belongs to me.

I show compassion every day,

kind words are all that I will say.

I’m proud to be a Ridgeway Star,

my education takes me far!


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