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Puzzle Teams

Students in Mrs. Conrad's classes worked on their team building skills. Each table was given a 300 piece puzzle to put together. The kicker? The students weren't allowed to talk and one of their pieces was missing! It was up to one person from each group to find their...

Reading Strategies

Second grade has been working on learning how to mark their thoughts as they’re reading. They read the book “The Bad Seed” and used symbols to represent their thoughts about the book.

Learning Good Character

Mr. Arnold's 3rd graders worked on acceptance, compassion, and the science process skill of observation with a “magic”play-dough activity.  We discovered we don’t always know what is on the inside based on how things look from the outside.

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Using the Five Senses

Kids in Ms Kraft’s room learned about using their 5 senses when tasting chocolate.  Ms. Kraft recently visited Hershey, PA and brought back this first day treat for her students.

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