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267 Wasserman Rd.
Hamilton OH 45013
Office: (513) 868-5640
Fax: (513) 868-5645

Kathy Wagonfield
[email protected]

School Hours
9:15am – 3:50pm

13 Colonies Brochure

Students in Miss Pflueger's 5th grade social studies class created a brochure to invite people to their favorite of the 13 colonies! They got to research information and pictures about their colony then create their [...]

Quilting and Math!

Students in Mrs. Wagle's homeroom enjoyed a basic lesson on the history of quilting along with a few stories from Mrs. Hurley.  Mrs. Hurley also related quilting to our newest math topic of surface area [...]

Future Careers

When 5th/3rd came this weeks our 5th graders got to think about what they want to be when they grow up! They used magazines to find pictures for a collage showing their future careers!

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