Team GREAT: Gentleman of Riverview Ethics in Action Team

Team GREAT is a group of Riverview boys that are striving to be leaders of the building.   This group of boys will be doing a variety of activities  that promote  positive behaviors that will make them better students in and out of the classroom. A group of boys had the opportunity to visit to [...]

Character Day at Riverview Elementary

Tuesday, December 3rd was Character Day!  The goal for students was to understand how to show good character.  Students worked together with their grade level in character building activities.  There was discussion on community, diversity, and making good choices.  Students were given time to talk with their classroom family to get to know one another on a deeper level.  The day helped [...]

Riverview Safety Patrol

This is the Riverview Safety Patrol. These students were selected to help keep our school safe and report any issues that they might see before, during and after school. If you see a student with a safety badge, they are willing to help you!