Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!!!

The fifth grade students at Riverview went to the Cincinnati Zoo on Tuesday, November 24th. The students have been learning about food chains, food webs, ecosystems, and biomes in science class. Students were able to experience real life exotic animals in their habitats. Thank you to the Cincinnati Zoo for giving us the funding to [...]

Thanksgiving Dinner Boxes

Our adopt -a- school partners from Liberty heights have delivered and donated fifteen Thanksgiving dinner boxes filled with a variety of food items to serve 15 families at Riverview Elementary. Thank you Liberty Heights!!! We are truly thankful for you and your dedication to this school!

Pumpkin Pie!!!

The second grade ESL students in Ms. Davis class got to try pumpkin pie for their first time. After they tried the pie, they worked on their opinion writing by telling Ms. Davis if they liked it or not, and two reasons why.

Riverview ESL Recycling Project

5th and 6th grade ESL students at Riverview have been working on a year long community based conservation project. They have been involved in a recycling project that will be displayed at the Cincinnati Zoo on December 12, 2015. The students researched facts about recycling to see if staff members would recycle more with information [...]