Lights, Camera, Action!!!!

The Riverview Drama club presented a holiday showcase to the first grade students today. Here is the list of actors: Jason Bourgeois, Keeara Green, Cadance Green, Caleb Green, Tara Hall, Aaleagh Hoop, Jasmine Juarez, Jeovanni Landeverde, Asieyha Litman, Jennifer Prado, Antonio Reyes, Paola Reyes, Perla Rojas, Stephanie Rojas, Jenny Sanchez, Charley Sedan, Cherokee-Rose Shepherd,Calvinnee Simmons, [...]

Where are you Santa?

The chit chatter of Santa tracker! The student's in Mrs. Warnock's class got to explore the elves and Santa's daily events through the Santa tracker today.

Character Day at Riverview

Wrinkled Hearts - Students each had a heart. We talked about how when you say mean things it makes your heart feel bad. The students said mean things to their heart and wrinkled it up at the same time. Then they said nice words to their heart and smoothed it back out. We observed that [...]

Live Wire Presented by the Dayton Theater

The Fourth Grade went to the Victoria Theater to see: LIVE WIRE! The Electricity Tour This newest show explores the nature of electricity. What is it? What does it do for us? Where does it come from? With Tesla Coils, Van de Graaf Generators, and a ping pong shooting robot, Doktor Kaboom explains everything from [...]