City-Wide Science Fair

Select sixth grade students at Riverview Elementary got to participate in the city-wide science fair. Students with the highest scores from Riverview were sent to compete against other students in the district. Way to represent Royals!!!

Eastside Volleyball Champions

I am proud to announce that after winning the Eastside tournament for the first time ever, the Riverview boys volleyball team will be playing in the finals! The game will be held Thursday at the Hamilton freshman building. The Eastside girls bracket will be determined on Wednesday.

Will You Be My Valentine?

Fifth grade students and teachers sponsored a Valentine Dance for grades 4 through 6. Students were able to dance, buy snacks, take pictures in a photo booth and did I mention dance?!? We were so happy to see laughter, acceptance, and students having a great time!!!

No One Eats Alone Week

During the week of February 8th-12th, Riverview celebrated "No One Eats Alone". The purpose of this program is to encourage students to connect and engage with students they may not know and include those who may feel left out. Each day, students were encouraged to participate in special themed days such as hat day, mismatch [...]

Sixth Grade Science Fair

The sixth grade students have been working very hard on their science fair projects. Each student had to pick a hypothesis, test it, collect data, and report on their findings. Volunteers from around the city helped judge their projects. Congratulations to the sixth grade science teacher, Ms. Hall, and the sixth grade students. Job well [...]

Data Collecting Using Candy

Ms. Bretz's second graders are learning about how to interpret and create graphs that show information. Here they are creating tally charts, bar graphs and pictographs to organize information about a cup of Skittles. It was a fun learning experience with a treat at the end!

COPS in the Classroom

The students in Mrs. Perkins' kindergarten first grade transition class use COPS to help them write sentences. COPS stands for Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation, and Spelling. Each day a new student is assigned the cop role for the writing workshop. This cop of the day gets to write tickets if they see other students sentences that [...]

The HHS Drama Club Presents…

The HHS Drama Club, also known as the Big Blue Company, is partnering with the Lane Public Library to bring books to life! We will be reading children's books out loud while students act the books out in front of your eyes! Come and watch us perform such wonderful stories as "The Cat in the [...]

Hamilton City School Wide Spelling Bee

Alexis Cortes represented Riverview at the city-wide spelling bee. He was one of many sixth grade students in the Hamilton City School District that had the opportunity to show their fantastic spelling skills!!! He got third place out of many elementary schools represented. Congratulations Alexis!!!