Homework and Character Crew

The first day of Homework and Character Crew was a success!!! Riverview is lucky enough to partner with Pastor Shaq (Shaquila Mathews) who is an active supporter of Hamilton and students at Riverview.  Pastor Shaq, alongside some Riverview teachers, will be hosting students who are looking for a way to build great character and get [...]

Fun in Writing!!!

As part of the district writing initiative, Ms. Bowling's sixth grade students meet weekly to improve their writing skills.  All 75 of the sixth grade students meet in the cafeteria to peer edit, spell check, share ideas, brainstorm, and collectively work as a group to become better writers. All different ability levels come together to [...]

Fun With Play-doh!!!

Students were given white play-doh with food coloring hidden inside with a card that read...This ball of play-doh is so fun, but it's magical as well. With a few squeezes the future it will tell. If it changes color, a great year is ahead for you and me!  Squeeze it now! What do you see? [...]